The Crafts

One idea that Yen strongly advocated in was the application of art to daily life. He believed in improving the lives of people through art whether its a painting or something more mundane like baskets or furnitures. I think he was more known for his work in helping people through arts before people started to prize his oil paintings.

He practiced what he preached. One example was the Museum of Weaving Handicrafts, which he played a role in establishing. Besides paintings and sketches, there were lamps, pottery pieces, and other beautiful crafts made by him in his home. Yen even wore neckties that he designed. He also collected beautiful, colorful textiles and artifacts from the Taiwanese aboriginal people.

In the world of throw away, gaudy, plastic goods, one appreciates the natural, simple (?) yet elegant designs of the Taiwanese handicrafts.

Here is a page on handcrafted objects that Yen Shui-Long made or designed. I shall scan a few more examples (baskets, furniture, mosaics, pottery, et cetera) later when I have the time.

Metalsmith Metalsmith
17.5 x 12.5 cm

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