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It is very unfortunate to have so little information on the web about Yen. Here are some sites I manged to find. Feel free to take a look at them if you are interested in learning more about Yen Shui-Long. To start check out this article (same article in Spanish?). I highly recommend the first four links.
  • Information about the upcoming art exhibit at the Cultural Center in Paris. The exhibit runs from December 19, 2000 to January 21, 2001. Article is in French, but you can read the translated text here.
  • Biography from the Tzu Chi English Quarterly. A very nice, detailed article
  • Taiwan Senior Artists Excellent examples of Yen's paintings and explanations behind the paintings. Good site to learn more about other older Taiwanese artists and Taiwanese art movement.
  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum has a few of Yen's paintings in its collection. To search the collection, type "yan, shui-long" in the blank for artist.
  • Another example of Yen's painting from Taiwan's Beauty (on Taiwan Headlines site)
  • new
  • the Mosaic "Buddha caring for the sick" in the Tzu Chi General Hospital was designed by him.
  • WorldPAC Bibliography
  • A random library entry from UCSD library system that I found. new
  • Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
  • Museum of Weaving Handicraft He played an important role in establishing this place.
  • Tay-Yan Art Society Founded in 1933 by Yen and some of his other collegues. Broken link
  • article about Yang San-lang and the Tay-Yan (Taiyan) Art Society.
  • Art Directory Also broken
  • Takeji Fujishima was Yen's teacher when Yen was studying in Japan.
  • Fernand Léger One of his teachers.
  • An article which mentions his name
  • Another article mentioning Yen's name.

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