Here is a translation of the French site that mentions the upcoming art exhibit at the Cultural Center in Paris. Sponsored by Consult for Cultural Affairs, the exhibit runs from December 19, 2000 to January 21, 2001.

I want to thank my friend Janice at MIT for translating. Thanks Janice!!

Through this exposition, Taiwan gives homage to one of its exalters. Yen Shui-Long, in effect, consecrated all of his art to speak in praise of his country and the people who inhabit it. His rich pictorial work, stunningly balanced between Taiwanese themes and western techniques, give evidence to this: countrysides in warm colors, almost innocent portraits of aborignales, etc. But the talent of Yen Shui-Long also manifests itself in the mosaic compositions, in the frescos, in the design and making of traditional furniture or in the traditional basketwork.

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