Yen Shui-Long (1903-1997)
I am surrounded by artists in the family. The oldest and most well-known family member was my grandfather, Yen Shui-Long. Considered to be one of the first generation modern Taiwanese painter, he was trained in Japan and France in the twenties and early thirties; his work reflected this training. He illustrated advertisements for Smoca, a Japanese tooth powder (this was before the invention of toothpaste) in the beginning. His speciality was oil painting, and yet he enjoyed making arts of all sorts: sketching, basket weaving, furniture design, mosaics, etc.

Before he was known was his paintings, Yen worked very hard to improve people's lifes through arts and crafts. He was always looking for ways of putting arts into practical, everyday uses.

He passed away in late September of 1997. He lived a full and active life and he will always be remembered by his family and everyone who knew him well.

Yen at work from Coucils for Cultural Arts
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I started this web page in early 1996 and I would like to finish it with help of family and friends. To begin with, look at some of his oil paintings of things he loved or read an article about him.

Welcome to version 2.0 of my page on Yen Shui-Long. This section still needs a lot of work, but I hope I'll put something together soon. Eventually, this will become an independent site, and I'm going to let someone redesign and maintain this site.

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Catherine Yen
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